Removing Grease from Your Home

Removing grease from your home - The Woodlands TX

Removing Grease from Your Home

Removing grease from your home - The Woodlands TX

Removing Grease From Your Home

Being a year into the pandemic, we’ve spent more time in our kitchen than ever before. Whether you enjoy cooking or absolutely hate it, grease is one of those things that can become a problem in your home. In this article, our Magnolia housekeepers share tips for removing grease from your home.  

How to Clean Grease

There is a variety of products you can use to clean grease from your home. One of our favorites is BETCO Green Earth Degreaser. You can also use grease and water or Formula 409 All Purpose Cleaner for stubborn grease. There are plenty of ways to remove grease, but these are just a few of our methods.

Removing Grease with Dish Soap

Dish soap and warm water is an effective way to tackle stubborn grease in your home. When you hire us for residential cleaning services in Magnolia, TX, our cleaners will start removing grease in your kitchen. We will grab a bucket of soap and hot water and start to remove grease with a microfiber cloth. Dish soap and warm water is our favorite method because we can use it on about every surface. 

Removing Grease with Green Earth Degreaser 

For tougher grease, spray the dirty surface with the Green Earth degreaser. Sit back and watch the magic begin! After 5-10 minutes, take a warm rag and wipe the grease from the surface. Our housekeepers will typically try this technique on the microwave, stovetops, and vent hoods.  

It’s normal to have a lot of built-up greases the first time we visit for a cleaning service. Don’t worry! We’re also likely to use Formula 409 cleaner to break down the heavier grease. This cleaner is strong, but it is still safe to use around children and pets.

Eventually, either the grease has been building up for years, or the excess is based on. Typically, these jobs take some extra time. Easy-Off oven cleaner can be used in the oven interiors. This is a strong cleaner, so we are careful to use it only on suitable surfaces and with all the necessary safety precautions. Sometimes, the buildup of bad grease needs consistent cleaning over time to be fully removed. Contact us about setting up a bi-weekly or weekly cleaning service with Maid for Muddy Paws! 

How to Avoid the Buildup of Grease in Your Home:

Stubborn grease can be frustrating. Follow these tips recommended by our Magnolia house cleaners:

  • After each use, wipe your stovetop.
  • Use dish soap and warm water if you notice just a small amount of grease starting to buildup.
  • Citrus oils are helping to break down the grease. Adding lemon essential oils to your soap dish and water won’t only make your home smell incredibly fresh, but it’ll help with cleaning.
  • Baking soda and water can help to remove grease from pots and pans.
  • Our friends at Specialized AV, a Sacramento home automation company, recommend investing in smart home technology to help with your cleaning to-do list.
  • Have Maid for Muddy Paws come out for a cleaning service in Magnolia, TX. Consistent cleaning is necessary to keep your home grease-free.

Maid for Muddy Paws is happy to help you with all your home cleaning needs! Give us a call today for a cleaning estimate.