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Monthly Cleaning Checklist

monthly cleaning checklist - Maid for Muddy Paws

Monthly Cleaning Checklist

As a homeowner, some things should be completed once a month to keep your home looking clean. There are somethings you don’t necessarily need to do every day, like dishes. A monthly cleaning checklist is all you need to make sure neglected areas are being cleaned. Below, our Magnolia, TX house cleaners share their monthly cleaning checklist to help homeowners like yourself keep their space nice and clean. 

Fans of Dust Ceiling

Many of us have ceiling fans in about every room. If it’s been a while since you’ve thoroughly wiped down your ceiling fan, you may be surprised to find how dusty they are. Over time, dust and dirt will build up. Try cleaning your ceiling fan at least once a month. Not only will this help your fans look as good as new, but it will also reduce the dust in the air. If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your ceiling fans, you may need to grab your vacuum cleaner,

Light Fixtures

Cleaning your light fixtures throughout your home on a monthly basis keeps the globes and fixtures out of dust and dust. This chore is super simple and can be done with a cloth. You’re going to be shocked at how much brighter the light is with a little cleaning.

Clean Walls 

Many of us have young children, which means there’s usually a mess somewhere in the house. Children will occasionally get walls dirty. Whether it’s scuff marks, crayons, or food, look around at common areas such as the kitchen, living room, and hallways. If you find a few walls that need to be cleaned, try gently wiping the area with soap and water. If it doesn’t come off, you may need to repaint the area.

Window Treatments

Curtains and drapes need to be washed periodically because of the dust that accumulates. Be sure to check out the tag to see if they need to be drycleaned. If you don’t have curtains or drapes, you’ll need to wipe these down instead. We love using Swiffer Dusters and microfiber towels when wiping down blinds.

Dust Thoroughly 

About 40 lbs of dust accumulate in a household every year, which is why it’s so important to have a monthly cleaning routine. Unfortunately, ceiling fans and blinds aren’t the only areas of the house. You’ll need to deep clean behind furniture and appliances, window seals, walls, and baseboards. Any picture frames or crown modeling will also need to be added to the list. Happy dusting!

Vacuum Between The Cushions 

Another area of the house that can be forgotten is between the sofa cushions and dining room chairs. You’d be surprised by how much stuff gets lost in there. Go down to the crevices to take out the objects and either throw them away or put them where they really belong. Then vacuum under and around the pillows to get rid of the dust.

Deep-Clean Appliances

Appliances take a beating because of how often they’re used. Try to clean them thoroughly at least once a month. This includes your fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher, washer, and dryer. Wipe the appliances down thoroughly using a natural solution or stainless steel solution. Our friends at Headwaters Construction, a Sacramento general contractor, agrees that this will ensure that your appliances are working properly. 

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company in Magnolia, TX

Don’t feel ashamed if you don’t want to complete this monthly cleaning checklist. We understand your time is valuable, which is why we offer professional cleaning services in Magnolia, TX, and beyond. Contact Maid for Muddy Paws today to get a free estimate on our best cleaning services. We can come weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or come by for a one-time deep clean.