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How to Keep Your House Clean After a Professional Cleaning Service

how to keep your house clean after a professional cleaning service

How to Keep Your House Clean After a Professional Cleaning Service

The feeling you get when you come home to your house looking sparkly clean. The best part? You didn’t have to lift a finger because Maid for Muddy Paws cleaned your house. Of course, you want it to stay that way forever, but how? Many people have the same issue with keeping their homes clean after a professional house cleaning service. Below our team shares a few tips on how to keep your house clean after a professional cleaning service in Montgomery, TX

Cleaning Tip: Every day Cleaning

These are simple tasks you carry out daily to ensure that your home stays organized and clean:

  • Cleaning your floors every day like a professional from a whole-house cleaning company would. You can use a mop to clean any food crumbs and dust before leaving the house.
  • Arrange your kitchen counters, do your dishes, and put away and kitchen appliances that you use after cleaning them.
  • Neatly fold your clothes in your closet after sorting out the dirty ones. Simply placing your dirty clothes in the laundry basket makes the room look that much neater.
  • Making your bed after you wake up will leave your room looking organized and clean.

Cleaning Tip: Maintain a Cleaning Routine

Create a routine for cleaning that you follow once a week. The routine may involve doing the laundry, polishing your floors, emptying your waste bin, or vacuuming your house. This will keep your house organized and clean for longer before your house cleaning company in Montgomery, TX, comes back for maintenance cleaning services.

Cleaning Tip: Put Away Any Old or Unused Items

It’s very easy to clutter your house back up. So, you can put away any clothes or books or other knick-knacks that are unused or old in boxes and store them in your attic or basement. Old newspapers should also be recycled or at least put-away. Any old furniture or gadgets that have not been in use for a while should be put in its rightful place. If you’re having trouble organizing your home, we recommend hiring a professional for organizing services in Montgomery, TX

Cleaning Tip: Manage Stationary and Clothes 

No matter how tired you are when you come home from work, you should put away your clothes, bags, and shoes. Any dirty clothing should be placed in the laundry basket. This will prevent clutter around the house. If you have children, encourage them to do the same instead of leaving things lying around everywhere. You can hang your coats and hats on your coat rack and put umbrellas and gloves in your closet.

Leaving your books arranged on your bookshelf makes it look like it was organized by a professional organizing company in Montgomery, TX. 

Cleaning Tip: Maintain the Professional Cleaner’s Organization and Arrangement of Your House

Organizing your items the same way the housekeepers did will leave you feeling like the cleaners just cleaned your house again. 

Cleaning Tip: Always Empty Your Trash Bins 

Emptying your trash can daily prevent bad odors from enveloping your kitchen. You shouldn’t leave leftover food in your bin as it may emit really bad odors as it decomposes and may cause a bacterial infection. Make sure that your trash bin remains clean by emptying it and washing it afterward. We recommend emptying the fridge out once a week before garbage day, so spoiled food isn’t sitting there. Read our blog for tips on how to clean and organize your fridge.

Cleaning Tip: Wipe Any Stains Immediately

Cleaning up any stains immediately after a spill occurs may prevent staining and also bad odors. Food and oil stains on your kitchen counters or floor should be cleaned immediately as well. Additionally, you should keep your stainless steel appliances clean and wash them before putting them away.

Cleaning Tip: Keep Your Bathroom and Kitchen Clean

The bathroom and kitchen are the parts of your house that are used the most. They easily get dirty, so you shouldn’t ignore any stains. Keep your countertops arranged and organized. If you want it to look like your house cleaners in Montgomery, TX, did it, be thorough. Ensure you mop your kitchen floor daily and use a sponge to remove any soap stains from your bathroom walls. Doing the dishes after every meal helps keep your kitchen sink clean. 

Cleaning Tip: Encourage Your Children’s Involvement 

It’s not an easy task to keep your house organized and clean after professional cleaning from a house cleaning service in Montgomery, TX, especially if you have children. Get them involved by assigning them a small task that they can complete. You can also set an example for them by showing them what to do. If you have little ones who are unable to help, our friends at Specialized AV, a smart home automation and wifi company in Sacramento, recommend getting smart appliances to help reduce your load of running a household. 

When your next professional cleaning need comes up, contactMaid for Muddy Paws; not only do we provide high-quality, pet-friendly cleaning services, but we also operate on integrity. All our staff is trustworthy, so you do not have to worry about leaving your house unattended during a cleaning service. Don’t believe us? Check out our Google reviews! We look forward to hearing from you soon!