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Retail Space Sanitation During COVID-19

Retail Space Sanitation During COVID-19

Retail Space Sanitation During COVID-19

It is a challenge to keep your retail space sanitized during the COVID-19 pandemic. Retail spaces must operate safely and effectively to serve the public and to remain open. Yet, with the novel structure of COVID-19, no one really knows what to expect. That’s why the safety guidelines seem to be changing all the time. Almost every day, researchers learn something new about COVID-19, and what they learn often changes the opinions of both professionals and laypeople on the best practices for cleaning and disinfecting retail spaces, social distances, and other hygiene practices.

Willis TX commercial cleaning companies like Maid for Muddy Paws specialize in the proper disinfection of retail premises. We recognize and want to address the unique challenges that come with this pandemic. We will also discuss some of the best practices for retail space sanitation during COVID-19.

Why is frequent cleaning and disinfection a challenge?

Retail spaces have heavy foot traffic. Rotational cleaning is necessary to ensure a sanitized environment that addresses the frequently touched areas of your space. A cleaning staff will need to wear gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to remain safe. You’re going to have to safely disinfect the touchpoint around the patrons and staff members which can be difficult.

Companies should train all employees to comply with the requirements of maintaining a sanitized retail space. They should also have the equipment needed to perform their duties, including surface management and cart sanitation. The time that frequent cleaning and disinfection can take for existing staff, let alone deeper cleaning and sanitizing processes, can take up a significant part of their day. Despite these challenges, there are some good practices! As a home service company, our friends at McQuillan Bros, the best heating company St. Paul MN, understands the importance of safety guidelines. Check out their best practices below! 

Current Best Practice for Employees

All retail employees should be trained on:

  • Hand washing and sanitizing. This includes, All retail outlets should consider having both, hand-sanitizing stations and cart sanitizing stations, at the primary entrances. Remind your employees and patrons to wash their hands in accordance with CDC guidelines through strategically located signs.

  • Process of self-monitoring sanitizing. Any employee who may work in a self-service area, including self-check-out or any retail location where the customers take care of themselves, should be trained in the rotational touchpoint sanitization of these areas.

  • Hand hygienic practices. Retail spaces should consider providing both employees and shoppers with signs, hand washing procedures, and hand sanitation opportunities. We define hand hygiene practices as washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after eating; after sneezing, coughing, or using tissue; after a bath break; before touching food; after touching or cleaning a surface that could be contaminated; and after sharing any type of electronic equipment or supplies. 
  • Coughs and sneezes should be covered with tissues or placed inside the elbow. Throw away any used tissue immediately, and wash your hands afterwards. This CDC page offers more details on how to protect yourself and others.

  • Priority areas should be cleaned on an ongoing basis. This includes high contact surfaces that are affected by a lot of people, such as checkout areas, handrails, carts, equipment used for storage, toilets, etc.

Why is it essential to maintain your retail space sanitized?

If no one is watching, it can be tempting to consider cutting corners on disinfection and sanitation! However, it is essential to keep COVID-19 and other bugs at bay in your retail space by continuously applying best practices. It acts as a risk management tool and can help to protect your brand and customers. Frequent and appropriate disinfection and sanitation is really an investment in your business.

How Maid for Muddy Paws Helps Keep Your Retail Space Sanitized
As a Conroe TX commercial cleaning service, we love helping retail spaces in Magnolia County stay safe. We can help save your retail space staff time and effort. Contact Maid for Muddy Paws today, and we will help get your retail space up to CDC safety standards.